Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spanish culture like?

Authentic Spanish culture is passionate, historical, and vivid.

For the most part, Spanish locals are extremely welcoming and personable, and it is quite clear that they value their families above all else.

The Spanish people are extremely proud of their culture and love sharing information with tourists. So, don’t be shy to ask!

If you’re lucky, you’ll be invited to an energetic fiesta or flamenco dance, which are both common in the area.

Spanish food is also DELICIOUS and the culture is renowned for its fish dishes, and paella, in particular.

What is your all-time favorite place in Spain?

I would have to say that, without a doubt, Tenerife is my favorite region of Spain.

I’m not sure if it’s because Tenerife was the first place I ever visited in Spain, or if it’s simply a result of the area’s breathtaking landscape, but I can never visit the country without making at least one, tiny pit stop in Tenerife.

Firstly, as mentioned, the landscape is simply overwhelmingly beautiful as a result of the area’s many volcanic formations, rolling hills, and unbelievable peaks.

The area is popular with tourists, so it houses a ton of engaging man-made attractions, as well.Hispanic_Culture_Teaching_Resources_Spanish

These include, but are not limited to, Siam Water Park, Loro Parque Zoo, and ARTlandya Doll Museum.

Now that I think about it, I think a post regarding Tenerife’s top tourist attractions is definitely in order.

Do you have any suggestions for a great, family-oriented hotel in Spain?

One of my all-time, favorite, family-friendly hotels is the Holiday Village located in Benalmadena.

This gorgeous stone resort features tons of activities that are sure to keep the kids busy.

Try out one of the hotel’s numerous pools, or hit up the giant water park or beach club.

They also work in conjunction with First Choice, so you know your kids will be guaranteed top-notch activities at every level of their stay.

This includes crayons and coloring books for all the boring “adult” stuff, like checking in.

I’m not sure how the resort fares currently, as it’s been quite a while since I’ve been there with my family and the Trip Advisor reviews seems to be plummeting.

But, as mentioned, when we stayed there, it was amazing.

Okay, but I don’t speak Spanish.

While learning a few Spanish words would certainly be handy, there is no rule that says you much speak Spanish to enjoy Spain.

But, a general rule of travel etiquette is to be at least semi-prepared to converse with the locals from the area in which you’re visiting.

Learning a few words prior to your trip demonstrates to natives that you’ve put an effort into learning their culture, which is often viewed as a sign of respect, regardless of which part of the world we’re considering.

With this being said, however, many Spanish hotels and hostels are used to housing international traveler and will likely have at least one or two English-speaking employees.