A Brief Guide to Spanish Hostals and Hostels

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If you’re looking to take a trip to Spain, then a hostel may be a great accommodation idea for you.

Hostels are an extremely popular form of lodging across Europe, and Spain is no exception to this rule.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is an affordable accommodation option for travelling.

Hostels generally house many different types of tourists and rent by the bed, not the room. They are often compared to dormitories.

This means that should you decide to book a bed in a hostel, you will likely be sharing a room with a number of other travelers.

Bathrooms are communal in style and also shared, which is something to keep in mind.

Depending on how social you are, hostels provide a great opportunity to make new friends during your travels but don’t offer the levels of privacy guaranteed by a holiday apartment or hotel.

Hostels and Hostals in Spain

Traditional hostels are not the easiest to find in Spain.

With the interest in international travel growing, however, many newer style, independently run hostels have begun to crop up around the country, with a large prominence in Barcelona and Madrid, particularly.

rotterdam-881219_1920These modern hostels are typically referred to as “hostal-residencias” and are essentially just extremely affordable hotel rooms equipped with private bathrooms.

These hostal-residencias are extremely popular in Spain, often being run as family businesses and enjoying a strong bond with their associated communities.

Finding a Hostel or Hostal

The internet is probably the number one place for exploring Spanish hostels.

There is an extremely large number of online directories that are specifically dedicated to hostel listing, as well as others that allow hostels their own search filter alongside hotels and holiday apartments.


As its name suggest, this popular website specializes in matching travelers with hostels. Similarly to websites such as Travel Advisor, Hostel.com also allows travelers to post reviews of hostels, allowing you the opportunity to get a feel of others’ experiences before making a final decision.


HostelWorld.com is another great source for discovering Spanish hostels. Currently listing approximately 400 facilities spanning 81 Spanish cities, like Hostel.com, this website also offers users the opportunity to provide a review following their stay.


LonelyPlanetLonelyPlanet.com is a great source of travelling information, in general. However, it is extremely useful for finding Spanish hostel listings. Their Tibudget hotels and hostels section features hundreds of hostel listings with prices ranging from 18$ to 130$ a night. Whatever your budget, LonelyPlanet is sure to have the perfect hostel accommodation for you.

The Top-Rated Spanish Hostal

The Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel located in Barcelona currently holds the top-rated position on the TripAdvisor website, with over 300 travelers rating their experience there as “excellent”.

This hostel offers varying accommodation options, including super suites, single rooms, dorms, and deluxe apartments. Amenities include daily housekeeping and linen, common areas for lounging and socializing, free Wi-Fi access, 24 hour coffee and tea, and daily planned activities.

For more information on the Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel, feel free to visit their website at http://www.casagraciabcn.com.

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