Why We Built It

Something tells me that the Romans had a love for travel unlike any other.

No, not because of their tendency to colonize and dominate, but because of the Latin language which touts gorgeous travel-related words that only the most dedicated wayfarers can understand.

One of my favorites is the Latin adjective numinous, which describes “an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted- the powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and inspired”.

To me, this word is an absolutely accurate description of my first venture into Spain.

spain-379535_1920I had just recently graduated high school and, unlike most of my friends, had decided to take a gap year.

Between unpleasant waitressing jobs and hours spent lounging about, I became infected with the sudden urge to go on a trip.

Maybe it was due to numerous popular television shows of that time, which were romanticizing the idea of travel and “finding yourself”.

Whatever my reasoning was, I ultimately decided that I needed to explore and experience more than just my tiny Southwestern American town.

My next challenge was deciding where to go.

Upon conducting research, I began to see many people recommending Spain as a great vacation spot.

The more I looked into the country and the attractions, the more I found my curiosity towards its vivid culture piqued and stimulated.

As a history buff, I also found the nation’s history completely engaging and fascinating.

spanish-conquest-1Tales of the Spanish Conquest and unfortunate circumstances involving plantations and slavery started to become utterly real and tangible to me, and it eventually became clear that my obsession would not stop until I had seen the region for myself.

I worked long and grueling hours at my crappy waitressing job to save up enough money for airfare and accommodations.

The chosen destination?


Upon my arrival, I was completely overwhelmed by the magnificent volcanic landscape and colorful culture embodied by the locals.

I spent countless days exploring Tenerife’s beautiful sights, like the volcanic formations and Millennium Drago Tree.

And quite frankly, it was the best experience of my life.

Since my first visit to Spain, I have returned numerous times. I’ve completely fallen in love with the area and find it difficult to stay away.

As a result, I have now become what some would label as a “Spain Connoisseur”.

My friends and acquaintances are constantly asking me for advice regarding Spanish attractions and accommodations.

After a while, I got the idea to use my traveling experiences to help others who would like to visit Spain as well.

With this blog, I hope to eventually compile a large encyclopedia of Spanish travel, or a genre of “Spain for Dummies”, if you’re that way inclined.

I aim to go over the basics of travel accommodations in Spain, the different Spanish regions and their attractions, and general ways to make your trip to Spain the very best experience possible.

Whether you plan on exploring on a budget, or are free to taste-teste all the luxuries the area has to offer, I guarantee you will find this blog loaded with helpful tips to enable you to do just that.

Louisa Bellmore